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Omnipure Water Filters

2015-10-1 · The Omnipure K2533-JJ Acid Washed GAC Water Filter can be used in ice makers refrigerators beverage equipment drinking fountains under the counter systems R.O.Systems and in conjunction with purification systems.

How To Change An Omnipure Water Filter

2021-12-7 · Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change an Omnipure water filter. By following the steps below, you will correctly replace your Omnipure water filter


Omnipure Q5621 Carbon Block Replacement Pre filter, Post Water Filter. 10 Micron. Upgrade To Carbon Block From GAC Carbon. No Carbon Fines Released Large Omnipure water filter inventory, low prices and fast shipping since 1999. Quantity discounts.

Water Filters On Omnipure Filter Co., Inc.

ELF-Series Inline Water Filters. Don''t let the name fool you, the ELF-Series of filters from Omnipure was designed specifically for the higher volume requirements of the food service industry. The ELF (Extra-Large Format) filters have a capacity of up to 20,000 gallons and flow rates of up to 2.0 gal/minute.

Omnipure Filters

Omnipure Filters. The Omnipure Filter Company has developed disposable filters since 1969. The CL-Series, a first line of the filter cartridges was designed specifically to reduce color and chlorine taste and odor. In 1992, Omnipure introduced the K-Series filter body that utilizes Quick-Connect fittings, and shortly after Omnipure developed ...

Omnipure Water Filters Replacement Cartridges

Omnipure K5522 Inline Carbon Block Replacement Water Filter 3/8" and 1/4" Ports. Omnipure K5522 Inline Carbon Block Water Filter. 2.5" W X 10" L, 5 Micron, .5 GPM Flow Rate, 125 PSI Maximum Pressure, 100 F Maximum Temperature, Service Life of 1 Year or 2500 Gallons Reduces: Chlorine Taste & Odor.

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Buy Omnipure Water Filters Today & Save! . Free Shipping Over $50 . Free Shipping on Orders Over $50 for all domestic orders. Free returns if you''re not completely satisfied for any reason. 1 Year Purchase Guarantee. We know buying replacement filters can be a challenge, especially if it''s your first time. ...

Omnipure Filters

Omnipure filters feature a patented spring disc that keeps media under ideal pressure and eliminates channeling. Polypropylene inlet and outlet pads prevent media migration that can foul water. The filters are friction welded together to eliminate the use of glues or binders that can contaminate drinking water.

Omnipure Water Filters | Aquastream Water Solutions

Omnipure Water Filters are one of the most popular water filters used in Australia today. In 1970, Omnipure Filter Company revolutionised the filtraiton industry by making the first small disposable inline carbon filter to reduce contaminants that cause unwated taste, odour and discolouration in potable water supplies.

Omnipure Filters

Omnipure Filters. Ominpure filters are the perfect product to reduce contaminants that cause odor and discoloration in your water. Eliminate your water issues with Omnipure water filters.The team at Omnipure is committed to always providing great customer service and assists customers with their water filters installation.


2021-11-25 · OMNIPURE™ 。. 、、。. OMNIPURE™64 G2. OMNIPURE™64 G2, …

About Us

Omnipure produces over a dozen unique series of filters offering solutions to nearly any point of use water filtration problem. Our sole Idaho facility is capable of producing over 20,000 filters per day. Our distribution partnerships give us …

Omnipure water filters

Omnipure''s product line has evolved and grown dramatically with the increasing need for pure, non-contaminated drinking water. Producing dependable products for both commercial and residential use, Omnipure filters can be found in the food, beverage and vending industries as well as in home water filtration applications.

Omnipure K5515-JJ Water Filters

The Omnipure K5515-JJ water filter is a 1 micron Carbon Block Water Filter used to reduce sediment, cysts, lead, taste, odor and chlorine taste and odor. Filters should be installed on cold water lines only. Filters should not be used where the water is microbiologically unsafe.

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Omnipure ECP2501 Water Filter. Omnipure. MSRP: Now: $39.99. Was: Omnipure ECP3000 Water Filter The Omnipure ECP2501 water filter is a 1 micron carbon block that protects against taste, odor, chlorine and scale. The "Twist-Off" filter body makes cartridge changes fast and sanitary. Protects against taste, odor,...


Omnipure, including Omnipure E5654 Water Softening Filter-Everpure S70, Omnipure Q5620 Q-Series Replacement Cartridge, OmniPure E5728 Compatible GAC Filter Cartridge 25-Pack, Omnipure E5621 Replacement For Everpure 2CB5, Omnipure.. #1 Online filtration retailer in the US! REE SHIPPING on orders over $75. 866-438-3458.

Omnipure water filters and Omnipure replacement water ...

Omnipure inline water filters are high quality filters used to reduce sediment, reduce chlorine taste and odor, reduce lead, or inhibit scale buildup. Omnipure "P" models contain polyphosphate for use in softening hard water supply. For soft water supply, use regular models without the "P". FPT = Pipe Threading.

Omnipure Water Filters Replacement Cartridges

The Omnipure OMB934XF carbon block filter cartridge is a 9 3/4" X 2.5" filter that removes sediment, dirt and rust paricles to a 10 micron level and removes chlorine to improve taste and odor. Learn More. $9.95. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Omnipure K2533-CC Inline GAC Replacement Water Filter.

Omnipure Water Filters from Aquatell | Get Better Water!

Omnipure K2505-JJ Inline 5-Micron Sediment Filter Cartridge. 17.49. Omnipure has a great reputation as a manufacturer of high quality and unique water filtration cartridges and products. Made in North American of high quality components you can trust Omnipure filtration products to get the job done. Aquatell offers Omnipure filters because we ...


Omnipure filters can tackle even the most challenging residential water needs in a non-invasive package. Commercial Our products are used in virtually any commercial application where better tasting water is critical.


Omnipure Q Series 12″ × 2.5″ Carbon Block Inline Filter, 3000 gal, Quick Change. $ 55.00. Add to wishlist. Quick View. Q-Series. Omnipure Q Series 10″ × 2.5″ Granular Activated Carbon with KDF 1/4LB Inline Filter, 2000 gal, Quick Change. $ 55.00.

Commercial Applications for Water Filters

Commercial. Omnipure has continued to be a world-wide leader in the point of use water filter industry since its beginning in 1970. We developed a reputation for ease of use, affordability, and legendary quality. Our products are proudly made in …

Omnipure Inline Water Filter Replacement Cartridges | …

Innovative Omnipure disposable inline water filter replacement in CL-series, K-Series, E-Series, ELF-Series and CK-Series, L-Series & Q-Series. GAC & sediment media treats dirt, chlorine, odors & taste. Specialty filters reduce scale, lead & cysts. Choose 1 micron & 10 micron filters with 1/4" & 3/8" NPT or Quick-Connect input/output fittings

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2021-11-13 · 10″ x 2.5″ 1 Micron Q5540 Omnipure Carbon Filter. Chlorine, Taste, and Odours. $ 69.00 – $ 195.00 Select options. Add to Wishlist. Add to Wishlist.